Roundhay School detailRoundhay School PrimaryRoundhay School, Primary Campus, is a two form entry school, providing the lower years for a ‘through’ school, built in the Roundhay conservation area in the green belt close to Leeds.  This was delivered under Leeds City Council’s off-site fabrication framework and brought into use in March 2013. The design gave careful consideration to orientation, glazed areas and natural ventilation. The school was pleasantly cool even on a recent, hot July day. The off-site fabrication has a number of environmental benefits:

Factory-based building manufacture delivers consistently high quality standards  through close control of the entire construction process.

Due to minimal site deliveries, there are up to 90% fewer vehicle movements on a modular building site than a traditional building project, reducing on-site dust levels and congestion as well as emissions associated with vehicle use (Source: Mtech).

Build times can be reduced by up to 50% using modular building methods, buildings are delivered to site ready for rapid, simple installation, minimising noise and disruption on site.

Off site manufacturing systems are extremely energy efficient, using minimal hot or mechanised processes. Up to 67% less energy is required to produce a modular building than a traditionally constructed one. Modular and portable buildings go on delivering environmental benefits, even at the end of their life. Buildings can easily be reconfigured, refurbished or relocated to meet changing needs.

Modular buildings can even be dismantled and the parts reused or recycled, saving more than 90% in embodied energy compared to an equivalent ‘new build’.

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