Chester Road erection  Chester Road front from road   Chester Road Gable

Chester Road front with zinc  Chester Road PV  Chester Road rear

This new house in South Manchester was designed and is being constructed for our Director’s use.  The four bedroom home again adopts an off-site fabricated system using timber framed panels with cellulose blown insulation, constructed at a facility in Gloucester.  The panels therefore use natural materials and recycled insulation product giving high levels of insulation, low whole life carbon and low environmental impact. Timber cladding will be locally sourced Manchester larch with a pine tar oil treatment.  

Designed to exceed the PassivHaus standards with a highly insulated, draught free envelope – an air-tightness test achieved 0.33 ach – triple glazing and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, the house is expected to perform with very low energy requirements   The house has no conventional heating system and is off the gas grid.  An all-electric home, a substantial part of the domestic hot water provision is also being satisfied by photovoltaics – an array of 6.6Kwp has been installed with battery storage – with the intention to satisfy or exceed all the home’s electrical requirements balanced over a full year and so achieving Zero Carbon in operation alongside low embodied carbon – embracing that carbon captured or utilised in materials and construction.

Construction commenced in 2019 and the house should be occupied mid 2020 from when energy consumption will be monitored. 

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